Hello! I am an assistant professor at Purdue University’s Department of Agricultural Economics. My research interests are in Environmental and Resource Economics and Industrial Organization.


Reduced river discharge under climate change impairs electricity generation and the economic feasibility of future Amazon hydropower
Rafael M. Almeida, Ayan S. Fleischmann, João P. F. Brêda, Diego S. Cardoso, Hector Angarita, Walter Collischonn, …, Alexander S. Flecker. Global Environmental Change. 71:102383. (paper)
An econometric analysis of the Brazilian merger policy
Diego S. Cardoso, Mariusa M. Pitelli, and Adelson M. Figueiredo. 2021. Review of Industrial Organization. 59, 103–132. (paper)
An agent-based platform for the study of watersheds as coupled natural and human systems
Leigh Tesfatsion, Chris R. Rehmann, Diego S. Cardoso, Yu Jie, and William J. Gutowski. 2017. Environmental Modelling & Software. 89: 40-60. (paper) (pre-print) (code)

Working Papers

Optimal carbon taxation under oligopoly: An application to commercial aviation
Diego S. Cardoso. (Job Market Paper) (abstract)
Water Affordability in the United States
Diego S. Cardoso and Casey J. Wichman. (R&R) (working paper) (abstract)
A practical approach to estimate the benefits of non-marginal mortality risk reductions using the Value of a Statistical Life
Diego S. Cardoso and Ricardo Dahis. (abstract)

Work in progress

Fuel cost pass-through in commercial aviation

Climate policy under uncertain post-tipping warming

Oil & gas lobbying and climate policy, with Julien Daubanes and Saraly Andrade de Sá

The value of avoidable mortality, with Angela Chang, Dean Jamison, Gretchen Stevens, and Bochen Cao